Welcome to Intelligent Financial Strategies, LLC. We believe that the fundamental purpose of financial planning is to develop a framework for financial decision-making that is consistent with your life purpose.

One of the true visionaries in financial planning has written that money is the most powerful and pervasive secular force in the world. Because money and life are inextricably linked, one should not pursue their ideal life without consideration of money. Likewise, one should not pursue money without consideration of the impact on their life. Our financial planning process is designed with this relationship in mind.

We believe in financial planning, not a financial plan. Effective financial planning requires an ongoing commitment from both the financial planning team and the clients. As your life evolves, your financial situation and needs will evolve. A financial plan does not account for unexpected life events and transitions. An ongoing commitment to financial planning ensures that no matter the event or transition you will inevitably experience, there will be a smart place to get the money you need to ensure a smooth financial transition. Instead of worrying about dollars and cents, you can focus all of your energy on the personal needs of you and your family.




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